Demo Safety – Basics & Advanced Workshops



"DeSi" Demo Safety Workshops were established in 2009 by Axel Bachert, Frank Carreras and Ralf "Grabo" Grabowsky. This program is offered at various host DZs both nationally and internationally.

These Workshops are intended to improve the safety and professionalism of skydivers involved in demo jumps or in the planning and organization of parachuting exhibitions. Contents and intensity are customized to the knowledge and experience level and to the field of interest of the participants.


  • Definitions and Types of Demo and Show Jumps
  • Planning, Organization and Administration of Demo Jumps and Off-Field Landings
  • Demo Material and Handling

o General Safety Considerations

o Smoke & Light & Pyro Effects

o Flags & Ribbons

o "Other"

  • Stress and Stress Management Strategies (Basics Workshop)
  • Training Jumps and Off-Field Landings


Cost: ca. 150 Euro per participant + tickets + optional smoke


Sponsored by Airtec GmbH, AIRCREW Fallschirmsport, Blue Sky Promotion and Grabo's Prüflabor and supported by the German Parachuting Association GPA/DFV e. V.


Schedule on request:
June in Tannheim, D
August in Klatovy, CR


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