AFF Instruction

The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program was created to give you the full effect of freefall and canopy flight, starting you on the path towards becoming an active skydiver.


This program begins with a one and a half days class where you learn how to control your body position during freefall; how to deploy, steer and land your parachute, and other safety measures of the skydive.

You will then take to the skies with two certified instructors, using state of the art student equipment. Your instructors will accompany you for the entire almost 60-second freefall from 3500-4000 meters above the ground and watch you deploy your own parachute at the proper altitude. Once under canopy, you will guide yourself in for landing.


After the jump, when your adrenaline rush is under control, your instructors will review the skydive with you and begin preparing you for your next jump.


AFF students are on the fast track to the A-License program, where 25 intense jump levels with instructors and coaches provide the skills to become a certified skydiver.

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